2. Empire City [ counting.. ] 

  3. New York aerial shots are amazing

  5. “If London is a watercolor, New York is an oil painting.” 
    ― Peter Shaffer

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  6. appreciate art in any shape and form

  7. So true

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    Malaria from Edson Oda on Vimeo.

    Edson Oda is extremely talented writer, film director and one hell of a copywriter. This short movie MALARIA which is a fine curation of Origami, kirigami, time lapse, nankin illustration, comic book and of course western cinema tells the story of a young mercenary - Fabiano who is hired to kill death. Keep an eye on this guy.

  12. Skates with beards is my new interest.

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  13. By MTO - In Rennes, France

    Here’s the making of gorgeous “art”

    "Who wants to kill MTO ?" : MAKING-OF. from MTO (Graffiti - Street-art) on Vimeo.

  14. Artist Caitlind r.c. Brown
    CLOUD is a large scale interactive installation by artist Caitlind r.c. Brown that appeared September 15th as part of Nuit Blanche Calgary in Alberta, Canada. The piece is made from 1,000 working lightbulbs on pullchains and an additional 5,000 made from donated burnt out lights donated by the public. Visitors to the installation could pull the chains causing the cloud to sort of shimmer and flicker.


  15. Vhils Nuart

    Just stunning..Always fancy doers.